T-Minus Two Weeks


I finally made a decision.

Well, I’ve actually successfully made a ton of decisions. And in true Diana-form, I waited, considered the options, weighed the options, asked everyone—thanking them and then saying, screw whatever they think!—thought for longer, agonized, waited for signs, waited for dreams…

Point is. In two weeks-ish I will be shipping off to Barcelona. Technically flying off, but I feel heavy, so shipping off sounds more appropriate. What am I getting myself into?!

I did my usual deep-steep thinking, and then purchased my plane ticket. I love to take action on impulse, and I pretend I am this spontaneous free-spirit… truth is I spent hours, maybe even a year, talking myself into taking this trip. I may throw myself joyfully into the wind, but I wouldn’t dare throw caution in there too.