You know what’s hard? Sticking to this path of “light” and doing things the“right” way. It’s easier to chase the quick fix, it’s easier to give into your anger and your fears. It’s easier to act out, fueled by fury and resentment. There’s a certain sweet despair that comes with acting on your anger. You need the rush of revenge, but all you do is run after something that will briefly let you touch it, enjoy it, and then disappear, leaving you with no solution.

You know what else is hard? The truth. It’s too easy to put your ego first, hiding behind a transparent shroud of greatness that hides your insecurities. It’s easy to laugh in someone’s face when you’ve done wrong and won’t admit to it. It’s easy to lay blame.

Here is where I am: the truth is shit. The truth is shit because you have to surrender your own ego to tell the truth. Part of you has to admit to the ugly parts you work tirelessly to hide… and I hate that. We all hate that. No one enjoys saying, I messed up; I was wrong; I overreacted; I made a mistake.

I’m sorry. [Elton John knows! Sorry seems to be the hardest word…]

The truth can be shit, but denial is hell. Pretending you didn’t mess up, it’s someone else’s fault, you weren’t wrong—you can’t be. You’re perfect. You do no wrong, it’s everyone else. Welcome to a bottomless pit void of real emotional connection.

When you don’t admit the truth you close off your heart and the reality of its vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is being human. And to make strong emotional connections with other people, you must accept your vulnerability. This is how trust is built, it’s knowing each other’s faults and accepting them. More importantly, it’s knowing your own faults and creating self-awareness.

Spoiler: you will never be perfect. You’ll be working on improving yourself every single day until you die. You will make mistakes. You will overreact. You will be an asshole. You will do things you need to say sorry for. You will deny the truth. Your shit will stink.

Clean it up and make amends with others. Some people will forgive you, others won’t. The truth is, the hardest person to forgive is yourself.